Eat Real Food Like Our Ancestors Did!

Return to the way our ancestors ate before big agriculture and giant
corporations controlled our farms and grocery stores: seasonal, local, and
nutrient dense. This is the way we ate before our nation became riddled with
illness. Join us and take back your health!

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From informative original videos, webinars, podcasts and online courses... to recipes, blogs and live classes; we provide tangible and actionable ways for people to learn how to make change.

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The School of Lunch Training Academy

Our unique multi day intensive retreat created to give anyone looking to make a change in their household, schools, or community the  knowledge to do so. Set yourself up with a foundation for health.


Connecting our Community

We connect the people that want to make a change with people that are doing things right. From the farmers, to the purveyors of local foods, to the ones fighting to make necessary change in their communities.

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Inspire. Empower. Connect!

School of Lunch offers consulting to help build your own program at work, school or home. While each challenge is unique, our commitment to success is the same.


Founder Hilary Boynton

Hilary Boynton is the author of The Heal Your Gut Cookbook, co-founder of School of Lunch, Inc., and creator of The SŌL Show - a podcast empowering parents to step into their kitchens and own their family’s health.

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Our approach to health involves more than just nutrition. Nature connection, water, sleep, community, exercise and stress management are the tent poles of what we call Regen-Living.

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Changing the Way Kids Eat

They say it takes a village. Over the last few years lunch ladies and lunch lads of all ages have served up nutritious food to hundreds of kids...all with a heaping dose of love! We've proven that eating well correlates with increased learning. We've shown parents and faculty what spikes in glucose levels due to processed foods and sugar look like, and shown them how to avoid those ups and downs with balanced nutrient-dense nutrition. Most importantly, we've set these children up with a foundation of health that will last a lifetime.

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Whether it's through our captivating media/shows/web events/podcasts, our groundbreaking Lunch Leader Training Academy, or our real food delivery service The SŌL Box; we are here for you...

The School of Lunch Team

We are one family...mothers, fathers, farmers, cooks, chefs, dreamers and believers in positive change.


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