School of Lunch Training Academy

Next session is Sunday July 28 - Friday August 2, 2024.


Set yourself up with a foundation for health!

The School of Lunch Training Academy is a multi-day intensive program designed to introduce you to, and inspire you with the foundational principles of our SOL/Regen-Living lifestyle. Held in the pristine canyons of Topanga, CA, this recurring event will re-frame your approach to food as the primary tool for nurturing the life force of all those you feed. Classes in protein, fermentation, fats, and philosophy will lay the groundwork for a healthier lifestyle. Attendees will engage with farmers, local and national food brands, artisan producers and experts in the healthy lifestyle and nutrition. Explore on trips to farms, farmers markets and even a brief excursion to jump into the Pacific Ocean to cleanse the soul. Not to be missed!

We're SOLD OUT for Summer 2024 Session #2: 7/28-8/2. 


One Week...a lifetime of knowledge and new connections.

Attendees at the SOLTA not only work with and learn from instructors, but also create bonds with other like-minded people looking to make a change in their own homes and communities!

See what past attendees are saying about the Lunch Leader Training Academy...

Candace - School Principal, Chicago IL

"The sense of community was my favorite. Everyone there was learning, listening and teaching. We instantly changed our way of eating at home. I found a passion for cooking with all that we learned. I also began the work of implementing a real food program at my school."

Marlene - Mother

"This training retreat was truly magical. Everything, from the amazing people who ran it, to the beyond beautiful accommodations, to the DELICIOUS, super nourishing meals, to the educational field trips and informative guest speakers....far exceeded my expectations"

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  • Anchor your kitchen with the whole foods, healthy fats and proteins that provide the foundation for solid gut health and mental well being.
  • Learn how to lower blood glucose levels in your diet and reduce the chance of chronic illness.
  • Empower those in your kitchen with the knowledge to make the best food choices, FAST and SMART, EVERY DAY.
  • Embrace food as the single best source to protect you, your family and your communities health.
  • Leave with the mindset, skills and support you need to make change.

  Location, Location, Location!

  • Our unique property is located on acres of land a couple miles into the hills just north of Malibu. California sunshine combines with ocean breezes to create warm days and cool nights. Attendees won't be able to resist taking a dip in the blue Pacific waters. Remember, this isn't just about food, this retreat encompasses all our principles of a Regen-Living Lifestyle!
  • Attendees can choose shared accommodations or private rooms. All rooms are on the Topanga property.
  • Our summer 2023 sessions we'll retreat to a fabulous location atop Sunset Blvd in the Pacific Palisades to prepare our Santa Monica Farmers Market bounty. 

Our instructors are simply the best.

The team that will be training you is hand picked by Hilary. They join her in making the retreat a hands-on experience unlike anything else out there. Many of these instructors have worked side by side with Hilary in the kitchen as she overhauled a local school lunch program. All of them believe that that we have the power as individuals to not only change our own lives, but the lives of those in our communities, work places, and households!


"Field trips" to local businesses, farms and farmers markets.

Learn first hand from our friends throughout Los Angeles that are leaders in their field. Whether its a roaming tour through Apricot Lane Farms to learn how food should be responsibly grown and raised or a trip to a local butcher shop to get tips for your kitchen, attendees will get up close and personal with real food and the people that produce and provide it!

Internationally recognized guest speakers.

Leaders in the real food industry and owners of companies dedicated to putting real food on your table will take part in each SOLTA. (Seen here is Raw Farms owner Mark Mcafee).

Become a School of Lunch Ambassador

When you leave the SOLTA, it is only the beginning. We consider you an ambassador for all those looking to make a change for the better in their homes and communities. We will continue to work with you in order to connect our community. We'll create follow-up online courses designed to take things to the next level, or to take a deeper dive into subjects that matter to you. Wherever you call home, we want to consider you our "boots on the ground" to help make positive change in that community!


Do you have questions about the training academy?


Email us at: [email protected] for inquiries or to set up a free 15 minute call!