School Lunch is Served!

We believe that changing the way that students ate at a school in California is the most important thing we have done so far!


A foundation of health!

We all know that kids will grow up and stray away from the nest. However, the lessons we teach them at a young age are ingrained into the DNA of their hearts and minds. That is why we believe that it is our responsibility to set them up with a solid foundation of health that they can always fall back on when they need to. These are not merely lessons, these are biological realities that simply are not addressed in the prepackage world we live in. Establishing a healthy microbiome, building brain function through healthy fats and establishing consistent glucose levels are just some of the basics that our students inherently learn through eating real food.

When you know better you do better.

As parents and teachers we must stand up and do what we know is fundamentally right in order to give our children all that they need to thrive. Take a look at some of the things that we are doing. Let us help you make similar changes in your school, household or community.

"Farmer" to Table

We believe that it is vital for kids to understand where the food they eat comes from. We aren't just talking about the location, we're talking about the people that have dedicated themselves to growing and making the best real food that is out there.

As part of our school lunch program, we invite farmers and business owners to come to our kitchen to help us cook with their products, and to explain to the kids how it was made and how it is different than the processed foods they are bombarded with daily. Students are able to see the care and love that go into these beautiful foods. Most importantly, they get a better understanding as to why they should be eating real food! If you grow or make real food and want to stop by, reach out to us. We'd love to have you!

Seen here are visits from Organic Pastures owner Mark Macafee (top),  and (from left to right) Kandarian Organic Farms owner Larry Kandarian, Jovial Foods founder Carla Bartolucci, and Pure Indian Foods owner Sandeep Agarwal.

Up, Down and Even.

Diabetes is rampant in our society. Most cases can be attributed to the uneven spikes our bodies go through when they are bombarded with foods containing sugars and processed ingredients. Wanting to bring awareness to the issue, School of Lunch Co-founder Charles Barth led the citizen science studies for SOL. The study involved utilizing DEXCOM Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs); teaching chefs, students, staff and parents the direct effects of food and lifestyle on blood glucose levels - and the long term effects.

The awareness brought to the school community were astounding. Chefs understood how the ingredients they were using effected their blood glucose levels. Students began to understand what the "ups and downs" they felt throughout the day when eating processed foods were all about. Parents and faculty began to witness that the real foods that the kids were now being fed at the school were no longer causing those spikes; and that students were much more apt to be present and aware in the classroom.

If you haven't already, check out "The Lunch Lady" video at the top of the page. If you're short on time skip to 9:19 to hear the changes felt from eating the school lunch program from a couple of students themselves!

A message from Manzanita Founder and Head of School Dr. Paul Astin.

A few words from our the man who believed that the students at his school deserved better when it came to the food they were eating...


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