Eugene Etheridge / Etheridge Organic Farms


Larry Kandarian / Kandarian Organic Farms


Oliver Garner / Burkart Organics


Frecker Farms

Frecker Farms represents the vital wave of young farmers active in the Santa Barbara and Ventura county regions, that SOL is so excited to support. 100% certified organic (CCOF) and delicious. Frecker is one if the backbones of our supply chain.


Apricot Lane Farm

Apricot Lane Farm has set an entirely new standard for mentorship in farming. While well funded and able to achieve the highest level of farming certifications available(Demeter/Biodynamic and CCOF), ALF is grooming dozens of young Ag-conscience interns a year, through their participation in the WWOOF program and creation of local farming employment. Watching The Biggest Little Farm will show you more - but tasting the food grown on this regenerative farm is the real story.  We are blessed to include Apricot Lane Farm as a producer for SOL.

Organic Pastures Raw Dairy

Organic Pastures’ raw dairy products are simply that...products made from milk that is unprocessed, whole, TESTED, and living; with all of its probiotic bacteria. NEVER pasteurized (heated), homogenized (crushed), or otherwise altered.


Masienda proudly partners with hundreds of traditional farmers from Oaxaca, Mexico, whose families have been cultivating traditional maize for centuries. Masienda proudly offers authentic tortillas made from the highest quality single-origin corns. The cultural preservation of both food and farmers are at the core of their work.

Wildly Fermented

Living fermented foods prepared with healing intentions; from organically grown local produce. Fermented foods are a comprehensive anti-aging resource packed with vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals that rebalance intestinal flora. 

Primal Pastures

Primal Pastures is all about combining ultra-quality, truly pasture-raised, organic, soy free meats with high animal welfare. They are a small family farm passionate about making a big change in the local food system.Their products include pasture raised chicken, lamb, pork, beef, wild caught seafood and raw, local unfiltered honey. They welcome the opportunity to bring regenerative agriculture to your kitchen.

Watkins Cattle Company

Watkins Cattle is a truly remarkable palate experience. As ranchers of this family owned and operated company in Ojai, California, they understand the delicate balance between nature and the human element. Their cattle graze openly on thousands of acres of lush ranches. They feed from the land and drink from crisp, natural waters that wind their way down the hillside. Their believe is to raise a herd without the use of steroids, growth hormones, or antibiotics.Their core values, as ranchers in the cowboy tradition, dictate that all animals deserve to be raised in the right way. The way it was done way back when.


Nana Solutions

A small scale farmer, purveyor of ancient superfoods & ingredients including raw coconut oil, butterfly pea flower, toddy palm sugar & herbs. Southeast Asia meets the West!

Carla Bartolucci / Jovial Foods ("Let's Do Lunch" School Event)


Mark McAfee / Organic Pastures Dairy (with Topanga School Lunch Team)


Chele Eades / Wildly Fermented (at Slow Foods event at Plumcot Farm Malibu)


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